Nurse Stories: Meet Jennifer from the Philippines

Meet Jennifer, a CWC nurse from the Philippines: “I always looked at migrating as a far-fetched idea. CWC helped me make this a reality of mine” #carewithcare #nurse #germany

Nurse Stories: Meet Alireza from Iran

Meet Alireza, a CWC nurse from Iran: “After pursuing my degree in the Philippines and working as a nurse in Iran, I came to Germany seeking a professional challenge and development.” #carewithcare #nurse #germany

Nurse Stories: Meet Analyin from the Philippines

Meet Analyin, a CWC nurse from the Philippines: “I chose to come to Germany because I know that Germany is the right long-term place for me and my family.” #carewithcare #nurse #germany

Nurse Stories: Meet Maribeth from the Philippines

Meet Maribeth, a CWC nurse from the Philippines: “I came to Germany because I knew it would be the right professional and personal choice for me, and to support my family back home.” #carewithcare #nurse #germany

Nurse Stories: Meet Gisela from Venezuela

Meet Gisela, a CWC nurse from Venezuela: “After 30+ years as a nurse in Venezuela, I decided to try new opportunities and reunite with my family in Germany.” #carewithcare #nurse #germany