Endless Career Choices

With 45,000 nurse vacancies in Germany, Care With Care offers job opportunities with 25+ healthcare employers in 100+ locations across Germany.

Great salary from Day one

A nurse in Germany on average gets € 2,630 monthly: So you can not only enjoy life but also send some money home!

Generous Vacation Policy

Almost 6 weeks of paid vacation per year (28 working days, excl. weekends) + 10-12 public holidays will leave you a lot of time to travel around and make new friends!

Multiple Social Benefits

Health, retirement and unemployment insurance packages, free education for you and your family, child allowance will help you feel safe and secure.

Living in the heart of Europe

A job in Germany will place you within 1-2 hours of travel from Venice, Paris, London and other dream locations.

Established Filipino Community

With at least 25,000 Filipino immigrants, Germany has a vibrant local community, Filipino restaurants and frequent events, so that you don't feel homesick!

Why Germany - 45 000 nurses missing
45,000 nurses missing in Germany

According to OECD, there’s only 1 nurse per 100 people over 80 years old in Germany. An average nursing job posting stays open for 171 days. For every 100 nursing job openings, there are only 29 people looking for a job.


Europe needs your hands. Feel like you want to contribute?

Apply now and start your international career as a nurse in Germany.



Why Germany - Easy to get citizenship
Why Germany - established Filipino community
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We are happy to work with 20 hospitals and 5 elderly care facilities across Germany: from Erftstadt to Berlin, from Kiel to Friedrichshafen.