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Learn more about how to apply, the general process, timeline and costs.



There are only 3 requirements to qualify for the Care With Care Work in Germany Program:


    1. Be a registered nurse in the Philippines.
    2. Be willing to undergo intensive German language course for 8-10 months (4h/day, 5d/week).
    3. Be willing to cover the costs of the A1 German course and 50% of the translation fee – PHP 30,000.



In order to successfully submit your application, you need to take 4 simple steps:


      1. Fill in a short form on our website and wait to receive for our Welcome email that outlines all the details and next steps.
      2. In the meantime, complete the Professional profile: you will get the link to the form via email. After you complete your profile, our profiling agent will contact you to confirm your application.
      3. Carefully go through our New Candidate To-Do List and start collecting all the needed documents.
      4. Check the list of our language partners and enroll in a German course of your level.


Submit Application at Care With Care

Submit Application

1 month

1. Submit your application through the website.
2. Receive Welcome Email with the New Candidate To-Do List.
3. Complete Professional Profile
3. Enroll in the A1 language class.
4. You will ultimately receive a call from one of our profiling agents to confirm your application.

Collect Documents

Collect Documents And Complete A1 and A2

4 months

1. Collect and send us a COMPLETE set of documents before you start your A2 German course.
2. Complete your A1 course with a 70% passing grade. Send us an email once you do!
3. Pay 50% of the translation fee before you start your A2 course.
4. After you have accomplished all these steps we will cover your A2 course costs.

Match with employer

Match With Employer

2 months

Once you have finished your A2 level we will start matching you with an employer of your choice: a hospital, a rehabilitation clinic or an elderly care facility. You will have to sit in one or a few interviews with potential employers to get to know each other. We will provide you with interview preparation tips. If everything goes well, you should have a job offer before you start your B2 language course.

Qualification recognition

Qualification Recognition

2-9 months

Once you receive a job offer, we will file your documents to obtain qualification recognition so that you could officially work as a nurse in Germany. This is a lengthy process that varies a lot regionally, both in terms of requirements and timelines. If you get a partial qualification recognition, you will either need to do an internship with your employer (if it's a university hospital) or we will organize a QR preparation course for you in Manila followed by a qualification exam in Germany (for all other employers).

Prep and Pass B2 Exam

Prep and Pass B2 Exam

3-4 months

This step is usually being done along the qualification recognition. While we do the paperwork, you study hard! In the end you'll have to take one of the three exams that are recognized in Germany: Goethe, TELC or ÖSD. You can choose whichever exam you would like — we would cover the costs for your first attempt. The number of attempts is not limited, but we would strongly recommend to try to pass it as soon as possible so that your employer doesn't wait for you too long.

Get your visa and fly to Germany

Get Visa And Fly To Germany

2 months

Once we have your B2 exam results, we will file your documents to get you a work permit and the German medical insurance. With these documents at hand, we will get you a visa appointment. Once you get a visa stamp, we will buy you a plane ticket, organize the departure briefing and wave you goodbye!

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How to apply and move through the process


Language Training

Care With Care covers the costs of 8-10 months intensive German language training from A2 to B2 level and of your first B2 exam.

Employer Matching

We will match you with high-quality vetted employers in elderly care or a hospital —depending on your preference — and will assist you during the job interviews.

Qualification Recognition

We will file your QR application with the local authorities in Germany and sponsor your additional QR course, if required.

Visa & Work Authorization

We will file your work permit application, set up your visa appointment and invite for a visa briefing beforehand.


We will cover your airfare costs, organize a deployment briefing before your flight and assist with accommodation in the first months in Germany.

Community Support

We support you with the dedicated staff to accommodate your requests both in Germany and in the Philippines, and connect you to a broader community of other nurses in the program.
Care With Care servics to nurses in Germany


Costs covered by Care With Care
A2-B2 German course PHP 98,000
Exam fee for first B2 exam attempt PHP 15,200
Qualification recognition fee > PHP 15,000
Visa application fee PHP 4,500
OWWA & Exit clearance fee PHP 6,000
Airfare to Germany PHP 60,000
Ground transportation In Germany PHP 5,000
6-week Qualification recognition course PHP 100,000
TOTAL: PHP 303,500
Costs Covered by Candidate
First 1-3 months:
A1 German course PHP 15,000-20,000
Request original documents from university (if needed) PHP 5,600
Notarization (if needed) PHP 1,500
Police clearance PHP 700
Translation fee PHP 12,500
Just before deployment:
Medical checkup PHP 3,500
Travel insurance PHP 4,000
TOTAL: PHP 35,700-47,800
Apply Now by Filling in a Short Form