Endless Career Choices

Care With Care offers job opportunities with 25+ healthcare employers in 100+ locations across Germany.

Great salary from Day One

A nurse in Germany on average gets € 2,621 per month*: So you can not only enjoy life but also send some money home!

Multiple Social Benefits

Health, retirement and unemployment insurance packages, free education for you and your family

Living in the heart of Europe

A job in Germany will place you within 1-2 hours of travel from Venice, Paris, London and other dream locations.

There are only 3 requirements to qualify for the Care With Care Work in Germany Program:


      1. Be a registered nurse in the Philippines.
      2. Be willing to undergo intensive German language course for 8-10 months (4h/day, 5d/week).
      3. Be willing to cover the costs of the A1 German course and 50% of the translation fee – PHP 30,000.


In order to successfully submit your application, you need to take 4 simple steps:


      1. Fill in a short form on our website and wait for our profiling agent to contact you and confirm your application.
      2. In the meantime, complete your professional profile — you will get the link to the form via email.
      3. Carefully go through our New Candidate To-Do List and start collecting all the needed documents.
      4. Check the list of our language partners and enroll into German course of your level.


Requirements to work as a nurse in Germany
Apply Now by Filling in a Short Form


Our Amazing Employers


We are happy to work with with some of the most renowned hospitals and elderly care institutions in Germany.


Language Training

Care With Care covers the costs of 8-10 months intensive German language training from A2 to B2 level and your first B2 exam.

Employer Matching

We will consider your preferences, support you during the job interview, and match you with a high-quality, rigorously vetted elderly care center or hospital.

Qualification Recognition

We will file your QR application with the local authorities to get your accreditation as a nurse in Germany and sponsor your additional QR course, if required.

Visa & Work Authorization

We will help you file your work authorization application, schedule a visa appointment, file your visa application, and comply with German embassy requirements.


We will cover your airfare to Germany, brief you on the migration process, and give you extensive information on how to transition to your new life as a nurse Germany.

Community Support

We support you with dedicated staff to accommodate your requests both in Germany and in the Philippines, and connect you to a broader community of other nurses in the program.
Care With Care servics to nurses in Germany



Who is eligible to apply?

There are three requirements to be eligible to apply:

      1. You must be a registered nurse.
      2. You must be willing to commit to a 8-10 months intensive German language training (4h/day, 5days/week).
      3. You must be willing to invest PHP 30,000 into the A1 German language course and the translation fee.

If you fulfill all three requirements, congratulations — you are qualified to apply!

I am caregiver/doctor/nursing assistant. Would you accept me?

Unfortunately we’re only able to recruit registered nurses at the moment.

Is any work experience needed?

No, there’s no minimal work experience required to participate in the Care With Care program. However, in the end, our employers will decide which candidate to hire. Some employers prefer to hire nurses with some work experience. Others prioritize strong German language and communication skills.