You have made a life-changing decision to come to Germany to work as a Registered Nurse. CWC wants to support and prepare you for this big move.

Obtaining the B2 certificate is a requirement to work as a Registered Nurse in Germany. We will help you select the best language training methodology for you.


The option is yours

You will be able to choose from a series of language programs, depending on your location and your study preferences. Please see below the pros & cons of each methodology and reach out to a CWC team member to discuss your options.


In order for Care With Care to sponsor your language courses, you will first need to apply to the program and submit all the required documentation. Once you are eligible, CWC will sponsor your language training at any of our language partner schools. If you decide to learn German outside of our partner schools or you opt for a virtual language program, you can do so! In return, CWC will offer you a language bonus. Contact CWC for more information.

Local language schools


Characteristics of local schools:

  • Lessons take place in a specific school and location*
  • Courses have set schedules
  • In-person interaction with teachers and students

(*) Please note that due to the current situation, some of these courses are being run online.

Virtual courses


Virtual language courses offer:

  • Personalized learning schedule
  • Own study rhythm and pace
  • Focus on self-study in combination with 1:1 lessons



To make an informed decision, we encourage you to review the different language options as well as the FAQs below. If you decide to enroll with a virtual program, CWC will offer a language incentive bonus once you have passed B2.
Please reach out to the CWC team to discuss the best methodology for you!

Learn German in collaboration with CWC

Your commitment

      1. To reaching the B2 level.
      2. To studying +2 hours per day, with the goal of taking the B2 exam within a maximum of 15 months.


CWC commitment:

      1. To support and guide you in your studies and offer access to virtual learning solution that is professional and effective.
      2. To sponsor your studies and/or offer a language incentive bonus if you apply and are eligible.



What are the different language levels?

The relevant language courses to work as a nurse in Germany are A1-B2. Let us explain:

A1 – is the introductory language level

A2 – is the second level, in which you will acquire simple and daily language skills (understand and communicate)

B1 – is a crucial language level as you are expected to be semi-fluent

B2 – is the required level to become a registered nurse in Germany

What types of exam certificates are there?

There are 3 official exam boards recognized by the German authorities:

  • Goethe
  • TELC
  • OSD

Some schools follow a particular curriculum to prepare you for a specific exam from the start. Others will offer a more general approach and prepare you for one of the three exams when you are ready to take the test.

What language costs does CWC cover?

If you learn language outside of CWC, we will offer you a language incentive bonus as you get deployed to Germany.

If you wish to receive a language sponsorship during your studies, you can discuss this with your CWC representative. You will be required to submit relevant documents and complete any previous language class with at least 70% passing rate.


CWC will also sponsor one B2 exam.


CWC does not sponsor your A1 course but is however open to offering sponsorship for A2 – B2.

What are the conditions to receive a CWC language sponsorship?

There are a few requirements to qualify for the CWC language sponsorship. Please connect with a CWC team member to discuss your case and receive sponsorship as soon as possible.

How can I decide between schools and local vs virtual programs?

It is up to you to decide which school you study in. CWC will help guide you and we also recommend testing a virtual study program: it may either become your chosen language program or serve as a complementary study option to your local school.

How long will it take to pass the B2 exam?

Learning a language is unique to each person and exact timelines are therefore difficult to predict. We assume that you could be ready for your B1 exam within 12 months if you study at least 2 hours per day and take 1 private lesson per week during your A1 studies and 3 private lessons during your A2 and B1 classes. Completing your B2 course should take another 4-6 months. Overall, it will depend on your dedication to your studies.

How do I know whether I am ready for my B2 exam?

Your language school as well as CWC will send you regular assessment and mock tests throughout your studies. You will have the opportunity to conduct a few B2 mock tests before your exam date and if needed, you might be eligible for a exam refresher course.