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Submit Application at Care With Care

Submit Application

1. Contact us by filling out a short form on this website
2. Receive more information about the CWC program
3. Connect with a CWC team member by phone
4. Enroll in A1 language class
5. Formally enroll in the CWC program

Collect Documents

Collect Documents And Complete A1-B1

1. Complete your A1, A2 & B1 course with +70% passing grade
2. Collect & submit documents required for the Qualification Recognition
3. Prepare your profile, which will be shared with potential employers
4. Receive coaching on interview skills

Match with employer

Match With Employer

Once you have finished your B1 level we will match you with an employer of your choice: a hospital, a rehabilitation clinic or an elderly care facility. We will prepare you for your interview, which will mostly take place in German. If everything goes well, you should have a job offer before you start your B2 language course.

Qualification recognition

Qualification Recognition

Once you receive a job offer, CWC will file your documents to obtain your qualification recognition (QR) to work as a nurse in Germany. It is crucial to submit your QR filing right after your interviews to avoid delays in your deployment. Most candidates receive a “partial qualification recognition”, which requires you to undergo an internship with your employer or a QR preparation course and exam in Germany. CWC will organize your QR-measure and guide you through the entire process.

Prep and Pass B2 Exam

Prep and Pass B2 Exam

While we await the results of your Qualification Recognition (QR), you will prepare for and pass the B2 exam offered by either Goethe, TELC or ÖSD. You can choose whichever exam you prefer and CWC will support you as much as possible to help you pass on your first try!

Get your visa and fly to Germany

Get Visa And Fly To Germany

Upon receiving your B2 exam and QR results, CWC will file your documents to get you a work permit and the German medical insurance. With these documents at hand, you will be ready for your visa appointment. Once you get a visa stamp, we will arrange your plane ticket, organize the departure briefing and wave you goodbye! The CWC team in Germany will welcome you and guide you through your integration phase in Germany to ensure you are set up for success in your new job.

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