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Submit Application at Care With Care

Submit Application

1. Contact us by filling out a short form on this website
2. Receive more information about the CWC program
3. Connect with a CWC team member by phone
4. Enroll in A1 language class
5. Formally enroll in the CWC program

Collect Documents


1. Complete your A1-B1 course & pass B1 exam (offered by either Goethe, TELC or ÖSD) with +70% passing grade
2. Collect, translate & submit documents required for the Qualification Recognition
3. Prepare your profile, which will be shared with potential employers
4. Receive coaching on interview skills

Match with employer

Match With Employer

Once you have completed your A2 with at least 70%+ passing rate, are enrolled in B1 course and have completed your interview profile, we will match you with an employer that best fits your background and expertise: a hospital, a rehabilitation clinic or an elderly care facility. We will prepare you for your interview, which will mostly take place in German. If everything goes well, you will receive a job offer within a few days after your interview. If it is unsuccessful, we will gather and share feedback with you, and we will try again!

Qualification recognition

Qualification Recognition

Once you receive a job offer, CWC will file your documents to obtain your qualification recognition (QR) to work as a nurse in Germany. It is crucial to submit your QR filing right after your interviews to avoid delays in your deployment. Most candidates receive a “partial qualification recognition”, which requires you to undergo an internship with your employer or a QR preparation course and exam in Germany. CWC will organize your QR-measure and guide you through the entire process.

Prep and Pass B2 Exam

Departure and B2 studies

Once we have your Qualification Recognition (QR) and your B1 exam results, CWC will obtain your work permit, German medical insurance and guide you through the visa process. Once you get a visa stamp, we will arrange your plane ticket, organize a departure briefing and training, and welcome you in Germany! During this departure phase, you will be required to continue with your German studies by enrolling in a B2 course. Why? Because we want you to be ready to integrate as quickly as possible and pass your B2 exam swiftly upon your arrival in order to help you become a Registered Nurse and stay in Germany long-term. If you have the ability to pass the B2 exam in your own home country, even better!

Get your visa and fly to Germany

Arrival and integration

CWC and your employer will welcome you upon arrival and ensure that the housing and relocation logistics are taken care of. We will guide you through your integration phase in Germany to ensure you are set up for success in your new job. The initial phase in Germany will consist of working as a Nurse Assistant while you study for and pass your B2 as well as your Qualification Recognition exams. CWC will guide and support you during this crucial phase to assist you in becoming a Registered Nurse and properly integrating into your new job.

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Which services are offered by Care With Care?

Care With Care is an agency that has recruited and integrated foreign nurses at German healthcare institutions since 2012. We support our candidates to go through our program: from language learning to qualification recognition to travel arrangements to relocation to Germany to integration upon arrival. We are there for you!

If I become a nurse in Germany, how long can I stay?

Once you become a Registered Nurse in Germany, you will be able to stay in the country initially on a work visa and after 5 years on as a permanent resident basis. You can make long-term professional and personal plans in Germany!

What countries does CWC recruit from?

We recruit from any country that is allowed by the German and local governments. If you live in one of the countries listed here, we are unfortunately unable to recruit you to Germany.

If I am a Filipino citizen working outside of the Philippines, how should I apply?

If you are a Filipino citizen working abroad you may apply to our program directly as this might be your quickest path to a job in Germany. We will ask you to double check with the German embassy in the country where you live to ensure that they offer the appropriate visa. If they do, CWC will organize your OEC and other POEA-regulations through POLO in Europe.

If the German embassy in your current country does not offer the appropriate visa, you will be required to get your German work visa in the Philippines. If so, our partner on the ground – Magsaysay Global Services, Inc. (operating with the license number POEA-013-LB-032714-R and located at G/F Antonino Building Bocobo corner T.M. Kalaw Manila, Philippines 1000) will assist you with the visa and exit clearance in your home country.

Does CWC charge to participate in the program?

CWC does not charge candidates a fee to participate in the program but instead invests in them up to €7.000 to help them become a Registered Nurse in Germany.

Who can apply to our program?

Any licensed nurse that has graduated from a 3 year vocational training or a 4 year college or university program, as long as you do not currently live in one of the countries that have been restricted by the German government based on the WHO nurse staffing shortage assessment.

What do I need to do to apply and get a job?

After filling out our application form, you will connect with a CWC team member to discuss whether this program is the right fit for you.
If it is, you will have to focus on 2 things: collecting and translating all required documents for your Qualification Recognition as well as passing your B1 exam and starting to learn B2 in your country. CWC will take care of the rest and guide you across the entire journey.

Is my nurse degree automatically recognised in Germany?

Nurses with an equivalent degree from a EU university can automatically become Registered Nurses in Germany. Candidates with degrees from outside the EU will have always to undergo the Qualification Recognition (QR) process and will most likely receive a partial recognition as a Nurse Assistant. You will then be required to pass an exam to fully qualify as a Registered Nurse.

Care With Care conducts all the paperwork for you to receive your initial QR decision from the German authorities and organizes the required training and/or exam to become a fully Registered Nurse.

Will I work as a nurse assistant or as a nurse?

Most foreign nurses are allowed to work as a Nurse Assistant for a specific period of time upon arriving in Germany, while they prepare to become a fully Registered Nurse. There are two crucial components to becoming a Registered Nurse in Germany: B2 exam and “Kenntnisprüfung”, which is a nursing skills exam.

Germany does not have a shortage of Nurse Assistants. Therefore, it is a priority for CWC to help you become a Registered Nurse upon arriving in Germany in order for you to remain in your new country long term.

What are the costs of becoming a Registered Nurse once in Germany?

You will not be charged for the B2 and the Qualification Recognition training or exams in Germany. Additionally, you will work as a Nurse Assistant during this training phase. Once you pass both B2 and Qualification Recognition exams, you will become a Registered Nurse and receive equivalent salary. CWC guides and supports you through this phase.

What is expected of me to participate in this program?

Apart from being a licensed Registered Nurse in your country, committing to passing your language exams and submitting all required documentation, we expect you to: 1) fully commit to passing your B2 and Qualification Recognition exams upon arriving in Germany and 2) staying at your employer for at minimum of 2 years after receiving your Registered Nurse recognition.

Is any work experience needed?

No, there’s no minimal work experience required to participate in the Care With Care program. However, in the end, our employers will decide which candidate to hire. Some employers prefer to hire nurses with some work experience. Others prioritize strong German language and communication skills.

How can I learn the German language?

It is up to you to decide which school or program you use to learn the German language. What is most important: that you pass your B1 and B2 exams and that you are fluent enough to properly communicate once you start working at your employer.
Please research which local language programs exist. We also recommend a virtual language program with a strong and flexible learning methodology. You may choose to study either at a local school or through a virtual program, or do a combination of both.

Do I travel to Germany with B1 or B2 language level?

The minimum requirement to start your program in Germany is a B1 exam certificate from either Goethe, TELC or ÖSD.
However, in order to become a Registered Nurse as quickly as possible, it is crucial that you start studying B2 in your home country, prior to arriving in Germany. If you arrive in Germany with a B2 exam, even better!

Can CWC assure me a job in Germany?

CWC cannot assure you a job as we are not an employment agency. However, we will do our best to properly guide and train you to pass your employer interview and to prepare you for your new job in Germany so that you can pursue a long-term career in your new country.

Can I come to Germany with my family?

It is possible to bring your family to Germany. However, it is highly recommended that you bring your family once you have become a Registered Nurse. After receiving your Registered Nurse status and passing your 6-month “trial” period at your employer, you will earn more money and you will be in a position to make long-term plans. By then, you will have also settled in and mastered the language further: you will be in a much better position to support your family once you at this time.

Care With Care and often your employer, will assist and guide you with the family reunification process.

I am a caregiver/doctor/nursing assistant. Would you accept me?

Unfortunately we’re only able to recruit registered nurses at the moment.