How it works


Screening and document collection

  • 1

    Care With Care screens Candidates and Employers to evaluate their preferences and skills. Care With Care also designs an individualized hiring plan and timeline

  • 2

    Candidates collect & submit documents required for their Qualification Recognition (QR)

  • 3

    Candidates and employers complete thoughtful profiles for improved job matching

German Language Level: A1-A2


Interview and employment process

  • 1

    Care With Care matches Candidates with Employers based on each of their preferences and needs

  • 2

    Candidates and Employers receive interview coaching

  • 3

    Care With Care coordinates hiring interviews and subsequent employment contracts

German Language Level: A2-B1


Qualification recognition process

Care With Care

  • 1

    processes the candidates' qualification recognition (QR)

  • 2

    obtains the candidates' work authorization and health insurance

  • 3

    coordinates a QR training measure for candidates to become Registered Nurses upon arrival in Germany

German Language Level: Pass B1 exam


Departure and B2 studies

Care With Care

  • 1

    assists Candidates to obtain their work visa

  • 2

    organizes and pays for Candidates' travel to their new Employer

  • 3

    offers relocation and integration trainings

German Language Level: B2 course, B2 exam if possible


Arrival in Germany and integration

  • 1

    The Employer and Care With Care welcome Candidates to their new home and assist with arrival logistics and integration

  • 2

    Candidates without a B2 certificate take an intensive B2 course & exam

  • 3

    Candidates attend a QR course and pass their exam to become a Registered Nurse

  • 4

    Candidates are compensated as Nurse Assistants during this initial training phase

German Language Level: B2 course & exam or C1, if candidates arrive with B2 exam

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* Timelines may vary based on language study intensity and authority processes.

Your most frequent questions answered

CWC does not charge candidates a fee to participate in the program but instead invests in them up to €7.000 to help them become a Registered Nurse in Germany.

There are many ways to learn a language effectively. Please take a look at our tips for learning German effectively.

You may also visit our Language Learning page to find out more.

Nurses are allowed to work in Germany with B1-B2 German level knowledge, and the exam location and timing varies on what type of QR model you are proceeding with. The QR Training is an adaptation training procedure with an exam at the end to prove that your previous 3-4 year vocational training or University degree completed overseas is adapted to the standard German nursing qualification and by completing the QR Training and passing the knowledge exam, you are able to work as a Registered Nurse in Germany.