, a service of Care.com Europe GmbH, is an international medical staffing and consultancy service for healthcare employers and medical professionals worldwide. Care.com Europe GmbH and its strategic partners have advised medical employers and professionals in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America.

Our service provides healthcare employers tailored, end-to-end international medical staffing solutions, from selecting and interviewing caliber candidates, qualification recognition, visa application, deployment and integration in the destination country. Our pool of quality healthcare professionals come from around the world and meet our rigorous qualification and training standards. Key regions of recruitment are the Philippines, China and South Eastern Europe.

We value transparency, compassion and excellence in meeting the staffing needs of our clients and in supporting the journeys of international healthcare workers who explore opportunities abroad to pursue their dreams.

What we offer
  • End-to-end international medical staffing solutions
  • Rigorous qualification and training processes
  • Quality pool of skilled and committed healthcare candidates
  • Interview coordination
  • Qualification recognition, work permit and visa expertise
  • Cultural integration, evaluation and ongoing support
  • Our pool of reputable, healthcare employers
  • Language and professional training resources
  • Qualification recognition, work permit and visa expertise
  • Interview tips and coordination
  • Pre-deployment and comprehensive integration training
  • Global career trajectory, evaluation and ongoing support
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Viele Gesundheitseinrichtungen sind mittlerweile auf ausländisches Pflegepersonal angewiesen. Das Dr. Drexler Seniorenstift hat gute Erfahrungen mit philippinischen Pflegern gemacht.

Many thanks to Care With Care, we are enjoying our stay here because you set the right expectation in all aspects: Employer, accommodation, culture and society. That is what we call TRANSPARENCY... thumbs up! All dreams come true.
W.S., Filipino Nurse in Hessen
We feel that the care providers get along well with their colleagues and the residents. This is also, very clearly, due to their good German skills. We always notice that this is a crucial element for foreign employees to feel comfortable with us. In that respect, I have to compliment you as the candidates are carefully selected and no step overlooked.
M.T., German Senior Care Facility
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