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We invite nurses and healthcare professionals to explore a world of opportunities through international healthcare jobs. Doing so often leads to increased financial security, growth in professional development and personal enrichment in learning a new culture and language.

We believe in innovative solutions built within the framework of fair employment practices that promote the safety and growth of international healthcare workers. To achieve this, we strive to partner with reputable healthcare employers who offer international healthcare jobs that comply with fundamental labor standards, domestic immigration requirements and international hiring protocols.

Living and working abroad inevitably comes with challenges so we have built our service around providing exceptional support before, during and after the hiring process. We understand that success in undertaking international healthcare jobs hinge considerably on the ease and extent of integration into the workplace and community-at-large. We provide access to resources in crucial areas such as language, medical terminology and ongoing professional development.

Seize your moment and let us be your partner in exploring international healthcare jobs!

We offer exceptional support, including a global career trajectory

  • High-caliber and reputable employers
  • Qualification recognition filing
  • Assistance in obtaining a work permit and a visa (if necessary)
  • Training for successful integration in the workplace and community
  • Pre-departure and deployment coordination and support
  • Ongoing support from us for continued professional growth

General requirements to participate in the Care With Care program

  • Meet the minimum education, professional training and work experience requirements
  • Meet the language level requirement of the destination country
  • Hold a current and valid professional license from the country of origin
  • Agree to commit to an employer for a minimum period of time
  • Commit to the Care With Care program
How it works for Candidates
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Interview with Employer
Deployment & Integration
We DO NOT charge candidates any placement fee
Many thanks to Care With Care, we are enjoying our stay here because you set the right expectation in all aspects: Employer, accommodation, culture and society. That is what we call TRANSPARENCY... thumbs up! All dreams come true.
W.S., Filipino nurse in Hessen


1. What is the qualification recognition process and how long does it take?

The qualification recognition process is a procedure whereby the authorities of the destination country assess the education and training of a foreign candidate to determine if the qualifications are equivalent to the qualifications in the destination country. This is often a mandatory pre-requisite to pursuing international healthcare jobs abroad and the processing period differs from country to country.

2. How long does it take until I can begin to work, once I sign an employment contract?

The time from signing your contract to the actual deployment depends on how long it takes to procure the necessary work permit and visa, if required. Each country is different. In Germany for example, provided that your qualifications have been fully recognized and you meet the language requirement, you will generally not require a work permit or visa, if you are from the European Union. But, it could take up to 3 months, if you are from outside the EU.

3. Is there a minimum work experience requirement to participate in the Care With Care program?

We require at least three years of related experience to qualify for our program.

4. Which professions are you currently looking for?

We are currently looking for nurses, but plan to expand the program to other professions, such as doctors, caregivers and other healthcare workers.

5. What happens when my contract with an employer expires?

We encourage candidates to keep in touch with us even after they are hired. Through this mechanism, we can propose new opportunities to candidates with existing employers, within the same country, in other parts of the world or in their home countries.

6. Which countries does Care With Care cover?

At the moment, Care.com Europe GmbH and its partners provide services to international healthcare staff, primarily nurses, who want to explore opportunities in Europe (Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom & Ireland), the Middle East (United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar) and North America (USA & Canada). If there are any other countries you are interested in, please feel free to contact us.

7. If I am interested in joining the Care With Care program, what should I do next?

If you are interested in the Care With Care program, click here.
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