As your recruitment partner we conduct, from day one, a deep and thorough selection, training, deployment and integration process, in which we closely monitor the candidates as well as the employers in order to obtain the best possible match for both sides.

Qualified Nurses from abroad,

looking for a fulfilling work opportunity

Care With Care

Care With Care builds a bridge in order to connect candidates and employers, bringing a positive outcome for both parts.

We support and train all stakeholders when and where necessary.

Healthcare institutions willing to hire qualified Nurses

to fill existing vacancies


Candidate Application

The candidate applies to the Care With Care program.

Detailed screen check

Care With Care, in coordination with local partners, checks the candidate qualifications, skills and commitment. We only approve candidates that fulfil the conditions to take part in our program.

Language training (until B1/B2)

The candidate starts the German language training with one of ours approved language providers.

Qualification recognition (QR)

Care With Care coordinates the qualification recognition process, that starts at the country of origin of the candidate and finishes when the candidate is already in Germany.


After 12-18 months of language training and deployment preparation in the fulfilment of the legal requirements to leave their country, the candidate comes to Germany

Full qualification recognition and language training

After arriving in Germany, the candidate finishes his/her QR and language training and exam (in case of being deployed with B1 German qualification).

Fully Qualified Nurse

From this moment, the nurse starts working as a Fully Qualified Professional, at a Healthcare unit.

CWC Nurse Recruitment Package


Our complete recruitment package gives you peace of mind with the assurance that you will get the professionals that you have required from our services. To obtain this result we:

  • carefully select the candidates that enter our program;
  • ensure that all the professional, legal and operational requirements are met to the highest standard,
  • always follow both candidates and prospective employers, keeping them informed regarding important updates during all the program;
  • work hard to assure that our candidates are well prepared to be integrated in Germany, not just in terms of work but also regarding life in general;
  • make sure that both parts are happy with the development of the program, as well as being always available to clarify any question that may arise.



Why does the program duration varies?

The recruitment is depending mainly on 3 factors: time that the candidate takes to achieve the required level of German, the gathering of all documents and mandatory certificates and the qualification recognition process.

What happens if the candidate drops off before signing the employment contract?

In this case, CWC proposes another available candidate that meets the requirements of the prospective employer.

Can I recruit more than one candidate at the same time?

Yes, you can. We always try to accommodate the prospective employers’ needs with the available candidates in our pool.

Does the candidate have the required visa and work permit when arriving in Germany?

At CWC we assist the candidate to obtain all the required documents and we only deploy candidates that meet all the compulsory requirements to work in Germany.

Is there a minimum term in the working contract?

There is a minimum of 2 or 3 years, depending on the country of origin.