Care With Care: All-Round Service for Employers

Care With Care supports employers throughout the entire recruitment and hiring process: from the selection and training of suitable candidates abroad, to the recognition of their professional qualifications in Germany and the deployment and integration of nursing staff in the company.

Our comprehensive solution includes:

  • End-to-end placement of nursing staff
  • Highly-qualified & motivated applicants with a university degree
  • Strict screening procedure & coordination of applicant interviews
  • Intensive training program (language, culture, medical modules, care record, etc.)
  • Qualification recognition with & without adaptation measures
  • Acquisition of work & residence permits
  • Continuous support & assistance of employers & employees

How it works for employers
Needs assessment & staffing plan
Interviews, candidate selection & contract
Work & residence permits, visa
Deployment & integration

Qualified & caring nursing staff

Care With Care applicants undergo a rigorous pre-selection process with several interviews and tests on medical knowledge, motivation and personality, as well as an extensive qualification and integration program. Care With Care helps to place university graduates from the nursing sector with:

  • Comprehensive nursing competence & professional experience
  • Language level B2 & competence in medical terminology
  • Special training for Germany
  • Completed integration course
  • Communication training for dealing with patients, relatives, superiors & colleagues

The selected nurses are committed, open to new experiences and attuned to the expectations of German employers. Care With Care provides a wide range of professionals: from generalist to specialist nurses.



FAQs for Employers

1. How long does it take to recruit a nurse from the countries of origin mentioned?

The duration of the placement process depends on two factors: the language level of the applicant and the time it takes the competent state authorities to process the applicant within the framework of the recognition procedure. For German employers: On average, eight to ten months are needed between the selection of candidates and their entry or start of work.

2. How does the process of recognition of professional qualifications in Germany work and how long does it take?

Based on the qualifications acquired abroad (training, work experience, etc.), the responsible state authorities inform each candidate if the training completed in the home country is equivalent to the domestic vocational training for healthcare and nursing. The legal processing time for this is four months but, in practice, varies between six weeks and eight months.

3. Will the placed nurse have the necessary work permit and visa upon entry?

The Care With Care team takes care of all documents required for entry--including work permits and visas. Candidates will not be sent to the target country until permission to enter and work has been obtained.

4. What happens if a candidate has been interviewed and selected but leaves the program before signing the contract?

Should such a situation arise, the Care With Care team will immediately suggest alternative applicants who meet the employer’s requirements.

5. I am not an employer but am interested in partnering with Care With Care. Where can I sign up?

If you are interested in partnering with Care With Care, please fill out our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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