Care With Care recruits highly qualified and motivated candidates from the best universities.

Care with Care nurses have been carefully screened and selected to undergo the challenging and exciting process of becoming a qualified nurse in Germany. Our candidates are actively recruited from top universities and arrive in Germany with language proficiency and a support system to help them integrate into German society and train for their new role. Care With Care works with healthcare facilities that share our vision of recruiting foreign nurses: Every professional is given an opportunity and is prepared and placed with quality, transparency and safety.

Our commitment to excellence

Strict Selection

Candidates are carefully selected and matched with suitable employers.

German Language

We offer highly effective language and technical language training and ensure transparent presentation of learning progress.

Focus on Integration

Our integration training starts at the application stage and runs for up to 2 years after arrival, depending on the needs of the clinics and care facilities.

End-to-end service

We take care of everything: from recruitment, to dealing with the authorities, to integration measures.

A dedicated team

We offer you and the candidates continuous support throughout the entire recruitment and entry process to Germany.

Ethical Recruitment

We do not charge program fees to candidates, but invest in them in advance. All our partners are carefully screened for ethics and quality.

Our International Nurses

Our talent pool consists of over 1,000 candidates from around the world who await their job offer. Our nurses come with diverse skill sets and a range in work experience from 0 to 5+ years.

The candidates are screened and tested on their clinical skills, personality, language skills and resilience.

How Care with Care candidates perform


Passed Qualification Recognition measure


Exam passing rate on first attempt


Successful completion of probationary period


Continue working in Germany long term

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Your most frequent questions answered

We recommend recruiting at least five to ten candidates at a time, as it is helpful for candidates to be placed in a small community of like-minded individuals. Our experience ranges up to projects with more than 50 candidates at the same time with one employer.

Interviews can be conducted in person if the employer chooses to travel to the sourcing region, or via video conference. Care With Care helps coordinate these interviews and ensures candidates are well prepared. Care With Care also provides technical support to ensure the interviews run smoothly.

The expected time frame for Care With Care to arrive in Germany is approximately six to eight months. During this time period, Care With Care will complete all necessary processes for qualification recognition, labor market approval, work permit, and visa submission. At the same time, the candidate:in will use this time to take the required B1 or B2 exam in the home country. The candidate:in should have enough time to take the exam at least twice, which increases the likelihood of meeting these proposed deadlines.