For Nurses: I Am a Registered Nurse and Want to Work Abroad

If you are a registered nurse and want to work abroad, there are some important things you need to know in order to be successful. Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

1. Do your homework and decide on a destination country that fits your personal and professional goals.

As a registered nurse, you probably already know that your profession is in global demand and that there are several destination countries that you can choose from to work and live. Take the time to know what your personal and professional goals are before choosing a destination country. This is crucial in shaping your determination and commitment to work abroad, and whether you will be happy once you move there. Then, take the time to research the destination country you are considering. Learn about the country’s healthcare system, its nursing profession, the culture and way of life, and the network of other professionals like yourself who have decided to work abroad. Moving to another country is not a quick and trivial matter. It entails a firm commitment and the better prepared you are, the easier the process of moving and integrating into your new country and workplace.

2. Determine if you need your qualifications recognized before working abroad.

Undertaking a job abroad often entails meeting certain professional qualifications and thresholds. Most important of these are language requirements, education and training, and work experience prerequisites. For example, in the United Kingdom (UK), if you are a foreign educated nurse who obtained your training outside of Europe, in order to practice as a nurse, you must register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), which requires at least a score of 7.0 in the International English language test (IELTS), and passing both a computer based test of theoretical practice-based knowledge and an Objective-structured Clinical Examination (OSCE).

3. Find an experienced nursing recruitment agency that you can trust.

Securing a nursing job abroad and then undertaking the move to a foreign country is a complicated and sometimes lengthy process. A licensed nursing recruitment agency that has successfully placed nurses in your destination country can help with guiding you through the process of connecting you with employers, deployment and integration. Choose a nursing agency that is transparent with the process and the costs entailed. Know that in some countries, recruitment agencies are not allowed to charge placement fees from candidates, however, there will be some administrative costs involved, on top of financing your language and professional requirements.   The key here is choosing an international nursing recruitment agency that is transparent, professional and looks after your interest and welfare.

Laura Esnaola has been with Care With Care from the very beginning. The international programme for recruiting foreign care specialists offers employers in the healthcare sector global personnel solutions, while accommodating medical nursing staff from abroad who are looking to start a career in Europe. Through Care With Care, Laura Esnaola places nursing staff, primarily from the Philippines, while advising personnel decision-makers from clinics, senior care and rehabilitation facilities on the successful integration of employees in order to strengthen intercultural understanding and communication. This ensures that employees remain with the companies long-term. In addition to her activities as Managing Director of Care.com Europe GmbH and Head of Care With Care, Laura Esnaola is involved in charitable projects worldwide and makes the occasional appearance as a violinist.      
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  1. Faith Adesanmi says:

    Am a Nigerian trained registered registered nurse and registered paediatrics nurse, how can you help me work abroad.thanks in anticipation.

  2. tshering wangmo says:

    I am former EMTs and had 5 years work experiences as aambulance nurse in emergency department back in my country Bhutan …currently i am doing general nursing course in India to enhence my knowledge as i wanted to work abroad .So please give me idea how i get job abroad.

    • klewandowski says:

      Thanks a lot for your interest in Care With Care! A member of the team will contact you directly via mail concerning your request.

  3. Sneha jestin says:

    Iam complected my bsc nursing and passed out from 2018 batch can i go to work at Europe country without expieriance

  4. Avicka Kalidass says:

    I am a 34 year old female, married with 2 kids….i am a registered nurse ….orthopaedic speciality…how can i get a post abroad..for myself and also to allow my family to come with me…

  5. Esther VU says:

    Hello, I am a registered nurse in USA and I am interested in working abroad

  6. Akshay Rana says:

    I have certain queries regarding working in abroad in nursing profession i just want u to conatct me on my email so that i can get help regarding those queries

  7. Pooja K says:

    Am a Tamil registered nurse and now am working in pediatric hospital… How can I move to abroad … Will u helpful for me …….

  8. Blessy says:

    Hi…i have a doubt..how much experience we need to go to uk???..and is it necessary to have the state nursing counsil certificate along with experience certificate..or is it okey with my primary registration??

  9. Patcharee Tantong says:

    I am Thai nurse ..I want to work with you in Germany

  10. Manish says:

    How can I go abroad without takeing any kind of coaching of IELTS.or any reason ?.to lift me abroad for a job

  11. Ashley says:

    Hello. I have my BSN and have been working in a pediatric hospital for four years. I am interested in working in Europe. How would I accomplish this?

  12. Najjuma Netty says:

    Am a registered nurse,have worked for now 14 years, am in uganda(East Africa)Am looking for a job abroad.Thank you

  13. Jb says:

    I am a fresh graduate and currently working at a Cardiac rehab facility.. I wanna go abroad too

  14. Melody nkwashi says:

    I am a registered nurse what are the requirements for me to work abroad?

    • klewandowski says:

      Hello & happy new year! Thanks for your request. You’ll find all requirements and information on our Care With Care candidate page. Main Requirements for participating in our program are:

      Fulfilling the minimum requirements of education/vocational training & work experience
      License to work as a nurse in the country of origin
      Fulfilling the minimum language requirements of the target country
      Willingness to commit to Care With Care & an employer

      Please get back to us via our contact form, in case you have got further questions. Yours, Care With Care team

  15. Komal saini says:

    Hey I hv completed my BSc just 4 month before n want to go aboard

  16. MJ says:

    Hi,I am a nurse in the US and extremely interested in working abroad in an english speaking country. Will you be so kind to educate me on what I need to do to potentially get a job in Europe?

  17. Franca Akolawole says:

    I am a registered Nurse, base in Nigeria and I need a job abroad.

    • klewandowski says:

      Thank you for your message. At the moment we offer our program to people with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the Philippines only. We though thank you for your interest in our program.

  18. Alphonsine says:

    Hi there! Would like to apply this jobs .I am qualified Nurse from university of Community and MIDWIFERY and psychiatry

  19. Re says:

    Hey, i am a registered nurse, 25 years old, I have 1 year experience… I would to go and work overseas… Do I qualify?

  20. P.C Samitha says:

    Hi!Greetings of the day..Ive completed my BSc.Nursing – 2018 – India, presently Iam working at a hospital. I wish to work abroad.Do we require prior work experience to get placed in a hospital abroad…?Thanks

    • klewandowski says:

      Thanks for your request. One does not require prior work experience to get placed in a hospital in Germany. Please apply here, if you are interested in working as a nurse in Germany.

  21. Alecia says:

    Hi I am RN how can I go about working abroad?

  22. Simana Neupane says:

    I am a registered B.Sc. Nurse from Nepal. I am married and I want to work in abroad with my husband. What should I do?

  23. terri smith says:

    I am a cardiac-thoracic and vascular surgical nurse looking to work aboard in a position that will allow myself and my husband to travel to other parts of the world. can you recommend a few websites to see if we can find a positionThanks Terri

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