For Employers: Recruitment of Filipino Nurses for Germany Expanded to Private Sector

On February 4, 2016, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), an agency of the Philippine Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) which regulates activities related to Filipino migrant workers, passed Governing Board Resolution No. 4, series of 2016, which allows private recruitment agencies in the Philippines to participate in the recruitment, deployment and employment of Filipino nurses for Germany.

In the past, the recruitment and hiring of Filipino nurses for Germany was limited to a government-to-government arrangement under the Triple Win Project (TWP). This channel was implemented by the German Federal Employment Agency’s (BA) International Placement Services (ZAV) and POEA. However, in July 2013, the German government opened their job market for certain shortage occupations, including nurses, through the issuance of a “Positive Liste” (also known as the White List). This laid the basis and paved the way for private sector recruitment of nurses from the Philippines.

Under the new POEA guidelines, duly licensed Philippine Recruitment Agencies (PRAs) can now partner with German employers or recruitment agencies to recruit nurses for Germany provided the German employers or recruitment agencies are initially accredited and registered with POEA. This process includes a preliminary authentication process by the Philippine Embassy in Germany.

PRAs are not allowed to charge placement fees from nurse applicants, however, the nurses would need to shoulder costs related to obtaining a valid passport, medical tests, government clearances and fees for Philhealth and Pag-IBIG. On the other hand, employers would assume costs for the Preparatory German Language Training (PGLT), the visa application fee, POEA processing fee, the Overseas Worker Welfare Administration (OWWA) contribution, and airfare. PRAs would be responsible for obtaining compulsory insurance coverage for the nurse.

The guidelines also provide that candidates would already need to file to get their qualifications recognized while they are still in the Philippines and before they come to Germany. In any case, if a nurse does not receive full recognition in Germany, they may be required to undertake adaptation measures in Germany before they can work as a nurse.

We are excited that the recruitment of Filipino nurses for Germany has now opened up to private recruitment agencies. Care.com Europe GmbH, through the Care With Care service, only works with licensed recruitment agencies in the Philippines and is experienced in placing foreign healthcare workers with German employers. In collaboration with our partners, our service includes end-to-end exceptional support from recruitment to deployment and beyond. We are experts in the qualification recognition process and provide an integration training to help nurses successfully make it in Germany.

Laura Esnaola has been with Care With Care from the very beginning. The international programme for recruiting foreign care specialists offers employers in the healthcare sector global personnel solutions, while accommodating medical nursing staff from abroad who are looking to start a career in Europe. Through Care With Care, Laura Esnaola places nursing staff, primarily from the Philippines, while advising personnel decision-makers from clinics, senior care and rehabilitation facilities on the successful integration of employees in order to strengthen intercultural understanding and communication. This ensures that employees remain with the companies long-term. In addition to her activities as Managing Director of Care.com Europe GmbH and Head of Care With Care, Laura Esnaola is involved in charitable projects worldwide and makes the occasional appearance as a violinist.      
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  1. ana says:

    Do you have a list of recruitment agencies that are accredited and poea registered? Thanks.

    • Care With Care Team says:

      Hello Ana.
      Thank you for your question. We do not have a list of accredited and POEA registered recruitment agencies.

      You will have to inquire with POEA directly. You can find their website at:http://www.poea.gov.ph/

      All the best,
      The CWC Team

  2. winson says:

    Hello, i just want to inquire about the required german language proficiency level to qualify? Thanks a lot.

  3. Carie says:

    I don’t have comment but query, can i be qualified to work in nursing home?, Presently i’m working in Ethiopia as government university professor since 2013. If give the chance can i be informed of the requirements?Thank you very much

  4. Maria Resurreccion says:

    Greetings, does germany have an age requirement for nurses? Thanks.

    • rfrancisco says:

      Hello Ms. Resurreccion.

      Thank you for your question. Generally, there is no age requirement to apply as a nurse in Germany, however, employers have complete discretion when it comes to who they decide to hire.

      We hope that helps.

      The CWC Team

  5. hiring agencies says:

    That article was amazing, I am very much impressed with your thoughts. I got the best information from this site of the blog, It’s very useful to all and us. Thanks for sharing this post.

  6. Mary says:

    Hi! How can I apply po? How it willprocess po, i had my A1-B1 already and ongoing B2.Thanks

  7. Caren Anne says:

    Greetings!I’m interested and planning to work in Germany. What are the requirements to submit in your institution prior to applying as a staff nurse? Hope to hear from you.Thank you

  8. Paul udemezue Ngene says:

    Good day Sir/Madam, I’m a male general nurse in my country Nigeria. I wish to work in Germany.

    • rfrancisco says:

      Hello Mr. Ngene.

      Unfortunately, we currently do not have any recruitment partners in Nigeria, hence will not be able to assist you to work in Germany. However, you can check out this website to learn more about working and living in Germany: http://www.make-it-in-germany.com/en

      All the best,
      The Care With Care Team

  9. nouel says:

    hi,im currently working here in uae,do you have any agency here where can i apply?thnk you

  10. Janna says:

    I’m a newly registered nurse. However I don’t have hospital experience but I’m willing to be train. Now my question is, my aunt is working as a nurse assistant. And residing at Hochlarmark, Nordein-Westfalen, Germany with her family. She’s married to a German citizen and been living in germany for almost 30 years. I want to work in Germany whatever job it is. As long as its health care related. My aunt is also willing to help me but we dont know the process of application. I hope you could help me with this. Thank you.

    • Janna says:

      I’m from Philippines.

    • rfrancisco says:

      Hi Janna.

      Thank you for your comment. In order to increase the chances of becoming fully recognized as a nurse in Germany, it is recommended that you have at least 3 years of hospital experience. This does not mean that we cannot take a look at your education/training and work experience to determine if you would qualify for the Care With Care Nurse Program. If you are interested in getting your qualifications assessed by our team, please fill out the online application below and a member of our team will connect with you once your application is reviewed.


      Thank you and we look forward to receiving your application.

      The Care With Care Team

  11. Rossil says:

    Hi, Im a Filipina and currently working as a nurse in Riyadh , Saudi Arabia. I would like to apply as a nurse in Germany. What are the steps do I need to do in order to work in Germany. Thank you.

    • rfrancisco says:

      Hi Rossil.

      Thank you for your comment.

      The first thing you need to do to work in Germany is to get your qualifications recognized. If you are interested in starting the qualification recognition process in order to work in Germany as a nurse, please fill out the online application below and a member of our team will connect with you once your application is reviewed.


      Thank you and we look forward to receiving your application.

  12. Deniece Abegail says:

    Hi! Im currrently working as a nurse in Qatar for almost a year and a half. and I wanted to find a job as in germany. I want to know the process on how i can obtain the working and permit and what are the requirements and what is the required german language proficiency level to qualify? Looking forward for your response.If ever possible to send me an email that would be great. eceined0126liageba@gmail.comThanks! -Abby

    • rfrancisco says:

      Hi Deniece.

      Thank you for your comment.

      If you are interested in working in Germany as a nurse, please fill out the online application below and a member of our team will connect with you once your application is reviewed. After this, you will also be included in an information session where all the details of the program as well as the process steps will be discussed.


      Thank you and we look forward to receiving your application.

  13. joy says:

    hi, im a license nurse in the Philippines working in hongkong. Can i apply for a student visa to learn german language in Germany then after getting the required level can i apply work from there..thank …

  14. keith says:

    hello..i just want to ask if theres a chance for me to work as a caregiver in your country..im from philippines but im currently here in israel almost 7 years now working as a live in caregiver for old man. and i want to try my luck in your country…thank u

  15. Lizzie says:

    Where could I apply here in the Philippines?are you affilliated in any agency aside from poea?

  16. hiring agencies says:

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  17. Ruel says:

    Hallo!Ich habe schon unter Triple Win in Deutschland als Krankenpfleger in Neuro Abteilung gearbeitet. Wegen schlechter Krankheit meines Vaters muesste ich im Jahr 2014 auf die Philippinen zurueckkehren.Jetzt moechte ich wieder in Deutschland arbeiten. Haben Sie eine Arbeitsargentur in Manila?Vielen Dank.

  18. hiring agencies says:

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    • rfrancisco says:

      Thank you for your comment and we are glad that you find out website useful.

      All the best!

      The Care With Care Team

  19. Rosalie says:

    im a registered nurse in the philippines with 2 years experience as care nurse in a nursing home in sg.now im working here in hk as dh.can i have the chance to apply for nursibg job in germany.do you have agency here in hk to apply for.thanks

    • rfrancisco says:

      Hi Rosalie.

      Thank you for your note. We do not have an agency in Hong Kong, however you can apply through our partner in the Philippines who is Magsaysay Global Services, Inc. (MGSI).

      If you are interested in joining the Germany Nurse Program, you can submit your online application at: http://www.carewithcare.com/en/candidates-outside-europe/

      You must have a valid nursing license and be willing to learn the German language up to the B2 level.

      Once you submit your application, a member from our Philippine partner will contact you for next steps.

      All the best,
      The Care With Care Team

  20. Jane Joyce Caringal says:

    How to apply as nurse in germany

  21. Kieth D. Aguilar says:

    Hello,Is there any possible ways I can apply as a nurse to Germany.I am registered nurse here in Abu dhabi.Thank you.

  22. Rosalinda TannLim says:

    Hi!Greetings!I’m planning to apply in germany.I am a nurse and a midwife as well.I was working in a maternity clinic as well.I was also working privately taking care of the geriatric patients in thier house….Is there a position qualified for my qualifications?Thank you and God bless..

  23. Jennifer says:

    Hello!I want to ask if you are offering free training for german language or if not how much does it cost? And what are your partner agencies here in the philippines?

  24. Kristi says:

    I would like to ask what will happen if the nurse did not passed the recognition exam in germany? They will send them back in the Philippines or they can continue to work?

  25. daisy says:

    do i need to have a hospital experience?

  26. Girley says:

    Hallo,I just want to ask if i can apply or qualified as a caregiver in Germany. I had a 3 months Practikum as Caregiver in Deutsches Rotes Kreuz way back 2004.I studied German Language,and i had a Certificate.

  27. irene says:

    Good day! What are the requirments needed for a nurse, who’s experience is from Saudi Arabia?

    • klewandowski says:

      Hi! These are the general requirements to participate in the Care With Care program:

      Meet the minimum education, professional training and work experience requirements
      Meet the language level requirement of the destination country
      Hold a current and valid professional license from the country of origin
      Agree to commit to an employer for a minimum period of time
      Commit to the Care With Care program

      You’ll find further detailed info about Care With Care here: https://www.carewithcare.com/en/candidates/

  28. Christine says:

    Good am.. I would like to know if a 2 yr. Practical nursing graduate can apply for caregiving in germany.? I have here my nc2 cert. In health care services ang caregiving.

    • klewandowski says:

      Thanks a lot for your interest in Care With Care! A member of the team will contact you directly via mail concerning your request.

  29. Jose Jovito Angelica says:

    Good day Miss Laura Esnaola.my name is Jose Angelical and I have a Language Center in the Philippines whom we have around 35 Nurses learning German and wants to be employed in Germany. Is there a way we can talk about your program and eventually have a communication with you how we can help these Nurses get deployed? My Number would be xy or we can Skype if that would be possible. Thank you in advance. Best regards, Jose Angelical

  30. Jensie says:

    I would like to inquire what is the age limit for applying in Nursing Job. Thank you.

  31. KP says:

    Hi, can I ask what are the Pros and Cons of TWP vs private agencies in the Philippines?

  32. Jayme says:

    We have identified several Filipino nurses who fit the German requirements for nurses and would like to get find nursing jobs in Germany. Please contact me with information about your role in this process. We currently have 3 nurses who are qualified and ready to start learning German. Thank you for your time.

  33. Jayson Malong says:

    Hello,I am interested applicant for being anurse in germany, im currently living here in canada. Im wondering how could i start applying and also wanting to pursue the language learnings. Thank you for the answer.

  34. Angelica Talag says:

    Im in Abu Dhabi and i want to apply in Triple Win Project . I have lot of experiances as a nurse here and i want to relocate. Can you send me the email to send my resume for review ?Thank you and God Bless

  35. Hamdi says:

    Hi what about the overseas nurses (non European) can you advice on this. Thank u.

  36. Patrizia Anne says:

    Hi! Giod day! Just want to ask if you are hiring nurses going to DE without hospital experience? I have a friend who is interested applying for this job. Thanks. 😊

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