For Nurses: Learning German is hard, but keep on going as it’s worth it!

Yes, we know that German does not belong to the easy-to-learn languages... But for sure you do give your best! Even if it is sometimes exhausting, keep on going and study hard. It is worth in the end as there waits a safe and well paid job in a beautiful German city for you. Fresh Care With Care candidate Louise from the Philippines shares her experience about learning German with you and wants you to stay motivated.

1. Louise, what prompted you to learn the German language?

I was prompted to learn the language because being able to communicate effectively as a nurse is vital for the job and daily encounter in Germany.

2. What are your challenges while undergoing language training? Financial, job security, family time ... just to name a few.

The language itself is a challenge for me. Everything is new to me that is why I need to work hard. As days passed by, I enjoyed it and determined to finish it. I gave up my job so that I can focus on the language training.

3. Could you describe how your life was when you were employed as a nurse in the Philippines? It could be when you were volunteering also.

Being a nurse here in the Philippines is really challenging and fun. I worked in a public hospital and the patient ratio is 1:30. Time management, patience and good decision-making really helps in this kind of situation. There were times i worked 16 hours because we were understaffed. We were also underpaid, but providing a quality care is really fulfilling and being a nurse is my passion.

4. Any experience that you may share that may help the newbies in learning the language?

Reading German books, articles, watching German films really helps a lot.

5. What are your uncertainties? How could we (Care With Care) assist?

I am still on my B1. Everything is going well.

6. In your most honest answer, how do you rate the Manila team and the program Care With Care itself?

The Manila team is reliable. They help and assist me in every step of the process.

Laura Esnaola has been with Care With Care from the very beginning. The international programme for recruiting foreign care specialists offers employers in the healthcare sector global personnel solutions, while accommodating medical nursing staff from abroad who are looking to start a career in Europe. Through Care With Care, Laura Esnaola places nursing staff, primarily from the Philippines, while advising personnel decision-makers from clinics, senior care and rehabilitation facilities on the successful integration of employees in order to strengthen intercultural understanding and communication. This ensures that employees remain with the companies long-term. In addition to her activities as Managing Director of Care.com Europe GmbH and Head of Care With Care, Laura Esnaola is involved in charitable projects worldwide and makes the occasional appearance as a violinist.      
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