For Employers: Integrating Foreign Healthcare Workers in Workplace & Community

Successfully integrating a foreign healthcare worker in the workplace and community is the key for long term employment and better performance at work. It is a valuable imperative for employers to support a foreign worker’s integration before and after arrival, and even during employment. Here are some helpful tips to achieve that:

Before Arrival

  1. Provide an orientation about the workplace and the industry that the foreign worker will be part of.
  2. Support proficiency in the language(s) used in the destination country.
  3. Prepare local employees for receiving foreign healthcare workers through cultural diversity and sensitivity trainings.
  4. Preparation of worker’s travel and arrival to the destination country including having the necessary travel insurance, appropriate clothing and sufficient local currency.
  Upon Arrival

  1. Coordinate foreign medical worker’s welcome and arrival at the airport and transportation to place of residence.
  2. Assist in finding suitable accommodations, residence registration and fulfilling other government requirements such as having health insurance, social security or a tax identification number.
  3. Provide an orientation on the necessary activities such as banking, public transportation, buying groceries and where to access hospitals and medical care.
  After Arrival

  1. Provide information of agencies and organizations that assist in integration and other helpful services such as language training.
  2. Provide training on general employment standards and obligations, as well as employer policies and rules.

Laura Esnaola has been with Care With Care from the very beginning. The international programme for recruiting foreign care specialists offers employers in the healthcare sector global personnel solutions, while accommodating medical nursing staff from abroad who are looking to start a career in Europe. Through Care With Care, Laura Esnaola places nursing staff, primarily from the Philippines, while advising personnel decision-makers from clinics, senior care and rehabilitation facilities on the successful integration of employees in order to strengthen intercultural understanding and communication. This ensures that employees remain with the companies long-term. In addition to her activities as Managing Director of Care.com Europe GmbH and Head of Care With Care, Laura Esnaola is involved in charitable projects worldwide and makes the occasional appearance as a violinist.      
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